Beauty Review: L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush

23 September 2013

I've been looking for a blush that gives just a hint of color without any glitter or sheen before I tried out L'Oreal's Magic Smooth Souffle Blush. I love my NARS Orgasm blush but the gold flecks in it makes me feel so made up--and it's too much to wear on Saturdays where I have to devote my entire day in school.
Buying this product could be categorized under impulse shopping because I bought it without prior research but I do not regret purchasing it at all.
I got it in Celestial--the second lightest shade-- because it's the best complement to my skin tone. It comes in three other shades: Angelic, Cherubic and Plume.
Celestial is a bit on the peach-y side but on me it's a bit pink. I suggest you try out the souffle blushes at the counter before making a purchase because the color in the jar is quite different from once applied on your cheeks.
"Smooth on a flush of blendable color with Magic Smooth Soufflé Blush. Its luxurious, air-whipped soufflé texture melts onto skin for seamless, weightless color. The result is a fresh, natural, all day finish." - L'Oreal



+ perfect if your aiming for a natural flush--it melts into your skin
+ sheer, buildable blush-- I can recommend it to those who are just venturing into using blush. I know some makeup newbies who don't want to use gel because it can be tricky when it dries fast and can be quite hard to blend, and you won't have those problems with this product


- I wish the blush did not come in a heavy glass jar. The packaging is pretty and sturdy, but it can get quite heavy, too. And a bit bulky if you will opt to lug around a clutch.
- I don't know if it's my skin that's too oily, but the blush did not last long on my cheeks. I had to apply it again half-way through the day.
- Comes in just four shades that might be too limited for some skin tones.
- Does not photograph well. You may have noticed that I did not include in the post a photo of me with the product on and that's because I'd have to pile up a lot of the product on my cheeks for it to be noticeable in a photo.

Will I buy it again?
I certainly will. This souffle blush is a definite welcome change from gel blushes out there. It's very easy to blend and a little goes a long way! It might seem too whipped and airy, but it's has good blush coverage.

The L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush retails for USD 12.95

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  1. I have a really hard time with cream blushes. I'm not sure why, but I can never get them to smooth out quite the right way.


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