Happiness In Spite of Losing a Parking Ticket

14 January 2014

Before I made my way home last night, I made a short trip to the mall after work. I was going to pay for some items when a nagging thought came up: Do I still have my parking ticket? I checked my bag-- its many pockets, my wallet... It wasn't there. It was the first time to lose a parking ticket and I thought (desperately) that the security guard in the parking lot would allow me to leave since I have already paid for my parking once I entered the area-- WRONG. There was a fine for lost tickets.

So I spent a good 30 minutes looking for my ticket. I walked around the area where I know I passed going to the mall, inside the car, under my seat, I checked my bag and my wallet again-- nothing. Disregarding other annoying details, once the guard had finally allowed me to leave the parking lot after forking over the fine, I thought there were some things that I could still be happy about despite the seemingly unfortunate conclusion to my work day:

1. An added lesson in life that I should be more careful about my stuff (Can't be too careful especially with parking tickets!!)

2. One of the security guards riding a bike who talked me through not giving up on finding my parking ticket got a free packed dinner from a curious driver who joined in on our conversation. Though I did not get the free packed meal, I'm happy the kind security guard did.

3. After spending so much time looking for a ticket, I was able to avoid crazy traffic on my way home-- thus allowing me to get home faster.

4. The fine was not too crazy high-- plus I learned how strict the parking lot security guards are, ensuring that cars there are in pretty good hands.

5. I'm pretty sure I stored my parking ticket in a pocket along with the car key and my company ID-- and I'm thankful that of all three, it was the parking ticket that got lost. 

It's so easy to lose your temper and cuss away your anger when something annoying happens-- but it's also very easy to CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY in spite of an unfortunate event. 

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