Hey Shutterbug: Instax Mini 8 (A Review)

17 March 2014

It took a while before I managed to convince myself to get an instax mini 8 though I've been drooling over it since around November 2013. Some reservations: I have two film cameras already (a Holga 135 BC and a Golden Half), two digital cameras, and film can be quite pricey. Obviously i succumbed in spite of those reservations.
The instax mini 8 is available in five colors: blue, yellow, pink, white, and black. When I first held it I was surprised--it's pretty heavy though it's made of plastic. It's quite bulky, too.
The film is quite tiny-- similar to the size of a business card, which might be a turn off for some
There's the power button which is very responsive. Once you press it the lens pop out. To power off, you just push the lens back gently.
Once the instax has warmed up, an orange light will guide you which exposure setting to use. Remember to check this before you take a picture. During my recent trip to the beach, I forgot to turn the dial on the sunny mode and the photo that came out was totally washed out. Oops. Powering off will cause the setting to revert to the original: the indoor setting.
I'm used to having the shutter button jutting out in a camera so during the first few times I used my instax I had to fiddle a bit with the *slightly* depressed shutter button. Above it is the viewfinder and beside that is the flash--which cannot be turned off.
Something worth mentioning: Viewfinder accuracy issues
If you check the distance between the viewfinder and the lens, you'll see that it's pretty big and awkward. Viewfinder is at an awkward angle from the lens. So, you'll have to practice avoiding off-center images.
There are a gazillion instax cameras out there but some things you have to consider are these:
1. Budget-- the camera, if you score a good deal, is quite reasonably-priced. The film however is another issue. In the Philippines, the cheapest pack of plain films I've found are at Photoline and a pack of 10 sheets will cost you P360.
2. Size of film-- available in business card size and there's also a wide type of film.
3. Are you fine with dreamy-quality of photos or do you want crisper images?

These are just broad considerations so I'd like to share with you one particular review that helped me choose which instax camera to get:

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