The Texican

09 March 2014

Many dates with my boyfriend would involve looking for a new burger place to try. We've known about Brother's Burger for a while now but it was not until recently that we tried eating there. The main reason behind this was the poster for the Texican.
What it is the Texican?
It is a flame-grilled patty with BBQ sauce + cheese + tomatoes + onions + lettuce + jalapenos (!!!) + grilled corn salsa in an oatmeal bun. Drooling yet?

If the person getting your orders suggests you add sauteed mushrooms and cream cheese, by all means say YES.
The Texican is best paired with onion rings and downed with soda.


  1. My boyfriend and I go out for burgers all the time! Those burgers look incredible...I love jalapenos on anything.

    x. jill
    beck daily

    1. I love jalapenos on anything, too! Thanks for dropping by, Jill! x


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