Lined Out

11 April 2014

If my eyelids could handle it, I'd use a gel liner anytime; but alas I have the oiliest lids and I can only use liquid liners. Not that liquid liners are all that bad-- I love how pigmented they are over all other liner types out there. My best friend suggested a few months back that I try out  Essence's liquid eyeliner and it was only a week ago that I went to a Watson's Store and picked up a tube. And I regret I haven't done so sooner.

{1 and 2 swipes of K-Palette Pen-Type Liner (Previously reviewed HERE), and 1 swipe Essence Liquid Eyeliner}

The Essence liner comes in a tiny tube and it's applicator can be quite challenging to use especially for those who will be trying out liquid liners for the first time or are used to the pen-type; the applicator is a skinny foam type which is good because it leaves a very thick line-- a little goes a loooong way. Oh and did I mention that this product has good staying power? In order to challenge its staying power I used it sans powder or any setting tool on my eyes in Manila heat-- it stayed on in spite of my oily lids.

+ Stays on long-- and when it does come off, it does so in tiny flakes and does not smudge
+ Reasonably priced-- only P149.75 (!!!)
+ Very pigmented-- a little goes a long way

- The applicator needs some getting used to-- if you're used to the fine brush, you'll find the foam applicator a bit challenging at first.

Will I buy this product again?
YES. It's a great product at a reasonable price. It works better on me than the other more expensive liners I've tried.

Essence cosmetics are available at most Watson's / SM Department Stores.


  1. I have bought few essence product when I saw it while doing some window shopping and I can't believe that is so affordable and have nice packaging. Though I have a question... is this brand similar to Rustan's essences or essence something if you are somewhat familiar with it or they are different? I tried the mascara and it stayed for 5 hours, not sure for office hours haha! the pencils are awful it melted in room temperature without AC or something :D anyway, I will try try this liquid liner! asap haha!

  2. My bestfriend has a lot of nice things to say about this brand (which I think is different from Rustan's Essences) so I'm considering trying out their other products--beginning with their nail polishes! You should definitely try their liquid liner it stays on long even with the crazy heat!


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