The Week that Was

22 April 2014

{Bobbi Brown Tulle + MAC Snob}

The past week has been pretty relaxing. Pretty productive, too as I've got a good start on my blog editorial calendar AND I learned to salvage a lipstick that was waaay to light for my skin tone: MAC Snob. MAC in the Philippines does not offer this shade in the market and I found out later on why: it really washes you out. I wanted this lipstick so bad so when a friend of mine asked if we wanted any products from the US, this was the one I asked for. Anyway it did wash me out and fast forward to a few months after, I learned I could lessen the bright tint by putting on Bobbi Brown Tulle first and then putting on Snob after. Yay for a pretty lipstick that I don't have to chuck out.

{another addition to my growing succulent garden}

{stab of nostalgia}

My family and I went to Tagaytay last week and I was surprised that there were a few people flying kites-- still. Because last time I saw that was when I was a kid. My cousins and I built our own kite-- it only hovered a foot or two above the ground... But it was still pretty fun. 

{washi tape additions}


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