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28 May 2014

Kim and Kanye are married! I actually love them together. If you have been watching Keeping up with Kardashians since its inception you might have noticed some cameos of Kanye though they were just friends then, but clearly the attraction from Kanye was there. I was thrilled when they got together in 2012. During the weekend I was tuned in to a number of Entertainment News outlets (I'm clearly a huge fan) for details on their lavish weekend. For a few days I had to contend with an instagram photo of Kim's wedding gown, but now E has exclusively released some snaps of Kim's wedding gown. Yay!

I love her gown. I think it's a classic and shows skin in all the right places :)

The details!

What's your take on Kim's dress, yay or nay?

All Images via E Online

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  1. I like the dress. I like the cut and I likr that she didn't show cleavage.


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