Little Wishes

31 May 2014

{I am the little girl third from the right on the second row from the bottom, note my legs are crossed}

Recently I found myself browsing through old photos and came across the photo seen above which I was tagged in on Facebook. This is an old photo from two decades ago *tears*. Browsing through old photos made me recollect my wishes back when I was a kid. Some of them eventually happened (Not no. 1, but no. 4 though) They seem funny now, but back then they meant all the world to me. What were your childhood wishes? 

1. Grow taller {I've always been the smallest or second smallest in my classes and now I barely stand 5 ft}.

2. An older brother.

3. Long, curly hair.

4. Wear glasses / braces.

5. A swimming pool.

6. Wardrobe full of frilly dresses.

7. Have a cash register.

8. Have a doll house, car, and accessories for my Barbies.

9. Have my mom's heels to fit me better. I twirled around in one of her pairs and I ended up falling and hitting my head on a coffee table. A scar just beneath my left eyebrow lingers as a reminder.

10. Get away with wearing my mom's lipstick. 

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