Mother's Day Gift Guide

03 May 2014

It's that time of the year again when I'm extra sensitive of comments and statements from my mom that could be possible hints of a gift she'd like to get for Mother's Day. Back when I was much, much younger the task of shopping for the Mother's Day gift fell on my dad's shoulders and I really have no idea how he managed because my mom is hard to crack. Anyway, Mother's Day is just a week away (It'll fall on the 11th of May this year) and I've already narrowed down my list to six that my Dad, my little brother, and I can get for Mommy.

1. A catchall tray to corral trinkets and other stuff she leaves lying around

2. Solid Perfume in a refreshing scent for easy touch ups throughout the day.

3. Pretty sandals for lazy weekends.

5. A huge box of her favorite cake from Conti's.

6. A dress in a cheery color, that can also double as a top.

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