Sale Shopping Tips

27 May 2014

{Sale Shopping buys from Forever 21-- friendship bag and necklace with Rikka from work}

It's so easy to be tempted by low price tags, but it's such a bummer when you get home after the thrill from the sale has gone and you end up regretting some of the stuff you got-- Oh shopper's remorse. In order to avoid that, I've complied some tips for a successful sale shopping:

1. Wardrobe Check

Before you head to the sale, make sure you have a good account of the stuff in your closet. With that you'll know what to get so you won't end up buying something similar to what you already have or stuff that won't work with the rest of your wardrobe.

2. Make a budget (and stick to it!)

Nothing beats a big discount on a price tag to throw that budget out the window and purchase on a whim. However, many impulse buys are stuff we regret getting. So do shop wisely. Stick to your budget and list of stuff to buy. 

3. Early Bird

I don't mind getting up earlier than usual so I can be one of the first few customers at the store. When you get there early items are displayed in their original places-- according to size or design. Getting to the sale a little late in the day and you might just find yourself scrambling along with everyone else. The gem of a perfect dress in your size must have been thrown to another rack by someone who had gotten there before you.

4. Classic vs. Trendy

This is a golden rule in shopping for clothes: do invest in classic pieces-- a pair of pumps or jeans, a jacket, and/or an LBD that will hold up nicely after numerous uses. For trendy pieces though, do scour stores for more economical finds. Opt for the cheaper option when buying trendy pieces. Chances are after a few months you won't be using them anymore.

5. Check before checkout

I've fallen prey to this many times in the past. In my rush to buy the items I've found I forgot to check the stitching, the hem, the seams, zipper, etc. Remember, just because they were purchased during a sale does not mean quality has to suffer. Get the most value for your money!

Happy shopping!

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