The Week that Was

06 May 2014

{Porkchop, 7 mos.}

The past week had been eventful and it had gone by faster that I expected. My pet pug Porkchop had turned 7 mos old (with extra fat rolls) that week and it was only during Saturday that we remembered. It's amazing how a small puppy can bring so much joy in our house. I have never seen my parents so happy and have never heard them elicit the funniest giggles before Porkchop came along. The family went to Tagaytay during the weekend and we brought her along with us. She didn't mind the car ride (she kept dozing off) but she refused to walk around -- preferring that she be carried by me (her mommy) or my mom (her mommy-la). For those of you have pugs, how did you train them to walk around? She runs around like crazy in our home but once outside she gets scared. Tips/advice would be most welcome!

{Tagaytay-- closest place for people from the South of the Metro to feel a cool breeze}

{New polishes in classic and punchy colors}

{flowers of the Palawan Cherry / Balayong}


  1. the polishes are so pretty.
    love the coral-ish essie polish.

    Ms. Kei

  2. Super pretty polish! I love that product from Revlon! Oh and happy 7 months to your cute lil pug!

  3. Thank you, Ava! :D thanks for dropping by! x


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