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09 June 2014

For several months back in 2010 I'd find myself every Saturday morning at the LRI Design Plaza in Bel-Air, Makati. I had been taking French lessons at the Alliance Francaise de Manille and the classrooms were a few steps away from the beautiful Heima Showroom. It was hard not to look at the store because the interior was so inviting. Given the chance I could spruce up my room without regard for a budget the first place I'd check out is Heima for their one of a kind products. In the meantime though, here are some of my picks, ogled from the company website. 

1. Inspiration Printal print from the Quote Series - Eleanor Roosevelt 

2. I love a work desk that has plenty of drawers (and shelves!!), this Eunice Secretary Desk is just perfect.

3. Pretty Gray Chevron Lamp.

4. Have Love, Will Travel print which is perfect for the blank wall in my room that is begging for some sort of decor.

5. Obsessing over deer prints lately and this colorful googoo&gaga deer pillow is perfect for sprucing up my bed.


  1. wow french lessons! i'd love to learn that language one day. so sexy :) haha! love your picks sis!

  2. Thank you, Angel! :D you should try taking French lessons, it can be very challenging, but fun too!


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