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02 June 2014

1. I normally just lather sunscreen on places where I know the sun will hit-- but this article lists down the places that should be protected with sunscreen, too. 

6. When I was an undergraduate in UP I challenged to eat at every resto there is in Maginhawa. Well fast forward to the present, I have yet to do just that. Here's a map of all the greatest places you can hangout and eat at in Maginhawa.  


  1. It was nice to meet you at the office today! glad Atty. kat told me about your blog and find it really cool since I am not really into fashion! I need this, plus i love the links esp. the brow thing haha! I am obsessed with having the perfect "artista" brow effect! See you around :)

  2. Hi Sofie! :) It was nice meeting you as well! :D I read your blog when Atty. Kat and I were at a seminar haha! I have a fixation on perfectly groomed brows and *sorry* when Atty. Kat introduced us I noticed how perfectly groomed yours were hahaha! See you around! x


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