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14 June 2014

1. Love how French women dress? You can easily emulate that with these five (5) rules to French Dressing.

2. I've always hated packing because I have this very strong tendency to pack so much that my bags are close to bursting. If you have that same problem, this Packing Guide might help you. 

3. Do you have a pet cat? This list of cat-related struggles just might interest you. 

6. Types of people to bring with you when  you go on a trip! Which type do you fall under? I think I'm the OC Planner... Care to travel with me?


  1. I love the #1 and #5 links you shared. Btw, French women are cute. I love their style. And oh, I guess I am the light packer. Opps.. foodie too. Haha.

  2. I think a lot of girls share our dilemma, LOL! It's harder on my way home from a trip-- it's like all the stuff I've brought have magically expanded and my bag's harder to close and is much, much heavier.


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