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07 June 2014

{Laiya, Batangas}

May practically zoomed by and I'm left browsing through photos I was not able to upload or blog about. We're now at the middle of 2014 and pretty soon it'll be Christmas again. Back when I was a kid time felt so slow but once I started working sometimes it feels there aren't enough hours in a day anymore. I'm in need of a break in my routine and am considering going on a staycation soon. Hotel suggestions would be most welcome!

{Chasing the sunset atop the office building}

{managed to braid my hair!!! A feat for me since I have crazy straight hair}

{I turned twenty-something in May, witty candles were purchased by my Mom from Gourdo's}

{Cloud Iridescence / Rainbow Cloud}

{Spicy Ramen from Watami. Not spicy enough for my liking, but the pork was very tender and yummy}

{Genesis x Gerome Soriano. Beautiful aerial photo shot using kite photography}

{New Fountain Pen + Bottle of Ink for Calligraphy!!}

{I detest tea, but the mint blend from Starbucks that comes with honey is soooo good. I bet it will taste even better iced}


  1. lovely photos! :)
    following you now dear :) hope you can follow back!

  2. Thank you, Em! :) following your blog, too! x


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