Make your own Cheese Plate

06 June 2014

I love cheese. I am always willing to experiment with any type of food especially when there is cheese involved. On most lazy days I'm fine just snacking on cheese and bread {my favorite is fig jam + any type of salty cheese on rye}, when there's company however, it's good to have a cheese plate on hand. While the task of preparing your own cheese plate may be daunting because of the numerous kinds of cheese out there, you actually need to pick one from four categories. Cheese options in the Philippines are pretty limited, but there are enough in the market for you to build a pretty decent (and yummy) cheese plate. The ones I've listed here are readily available in most supermarkets. Here's a two-step guide to building your own cheese plate:

Step 1: Pick one from the four categories.

{My go-to place for my cheese needs is the Deli at the Metro Supermarket in Alabang}

Step 2: Add accompaniment.

Do label your cheese and put some adjectives beneath to encourage people to try them out. The labels I've used here were handwritten on thick paper held up by a toothpick.

{Bring out your cheese from the fridge an hour before to show its original texture and flavor}

Encourage people to get creative with pairings. I love topping prunes with Gorgonzola, while my brother tends to monopolize Gouda and pair it with everything.

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