Patty Days

13 June 2014

{his and hers}

A few weeks ago my boyfriend suggested we try 8cuts Burger Blends in Trinoma. We're HUGE burger fans but that plan did not come into fruition until a few days ago. Once you open the door of the restaurant you'll get a whiff of the burgers that will make you salivate in an instant. There's an option to build your own burger but for our first visit we opted to try their "Tributes".

{His Burger}

My boyfriend chose the Piggy, which has a quarter-pounder patty with mozzarella, fried bacon strips, bacon jam, lollo rossa, tomatoes, and garlic aioli. I LIKED HIS BURGER MORE. I am a huge fan of bacon so I don't know why I did not order this. It's so tasty and the mozzarella is PERFECT.

{Her burger}

I chose the Bleu, which also has a quarter-pounder patty with blue cheese sauce, fried crispy leeks (!!!), blue cheese crumble, caramelized onions and lollo rossa greens. This burger is perfect for you if you love blue cheese. I am a fan of blue cheese but I think it was too overpowering for the burger. I could barely taste the patty anymore. What I loved about this burger though is the fried crispy leeks. It was so good! If they offered it as an appetizer I'd definitely buy!

{Onion Rings}

It's only been recently that I got hooked on onion rings-- all thanks to my boyfriend. What I love about the onion rings from 8cuts is that its not all breading and it requires no sauce. The boyfriend, being the barbecue-anything fan, pointed out that the onion rings tasted like barbecue. It's really good and I suggest splitting a basket with someone.

{Strawberry Milkshake}

The boyfriend is a strawberry milkshake fan so he was thrilled when they had this on their menu. He seemed to like it a lot. He said it's very creamy and thick--exactly how milkshake should be. Meanwhile I opted to down everything with a glass of coke because I don't like milk - anything. And I think burgers are best paired with coke!

8Cuts in Trinoma is on the 2nd floor, beside Taco Bell. 

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