St. Style Crush: Emmanuelle Alt

11 June 2014

Emmanuelle Alt has been the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris since 2011. The French editor is known for her makeup-free look, skinny jeans, structured blazers and heels. I LOVE HER. I love her style. Sure she is svelte so she can pull of this ensemble all the time, right? Not really... I think her style points out that you don't need a gazillion accessories to look great. It pays to be simple sometimes. Her style also points out the value of good-fitting pants. A pair of well-tailored pants will make you polished in an instant. OH AND HEELS. Good-fitting jeans, cut at the right length, are best paired with heels.

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  1. I guess I'm not a fashionista but some of her blazers and pumps are to die for!

  2. i love this girl! she's one of my favorite fashion icons, she and ines :) both so effortlessly chic :)

  3. I agree! Time for us to stock up on blazers too Atty! The weather's cooler and session duties are getting chillier! haha!


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