Watercolor Feathers

23 June 2014

I don't consider myself a girly girl. Whenever I have a considerably girly piece in my clothing (such as this skirt), I make sure I balance it out with a less girly top and a structured accessory. Though I would normally avoid a girly skirt, this one is too pretty to pass up. I've always wanted a piece that has a watercolor print on it so this skirt is perfect. The material is flowy and the length is just right. It falls perfectly on my waist too-- except at times when I've had too much to eat then it rides up higher. 

On my lips: MAC Lady Danger


  1. I like your bright pieces combined with neutral colors! Kasya na ata ako sa bag mo tey :p

  2. HAHAHA Atty. Kat! :D alam mo naman... buong bedroom dala hahaha!

  3. Rachel Pittman24 June, 2014 09:02

    I love the watercolored skirt! The outfit is styled perfectly!

  4. Haha! Di bale, we're the same when it comes to choosing bags naman. :) Ako naman either sobrang liit o sobrang laki. >.<

  5. Really beautiful skirt!

    I totally get your decision to balance out the flowy skirt with more structured pieces. Also, I'm loving the nude shoes and bright blue quilted handbag:)



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