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13 July 2014

1. It took me a while to jump on the crop top bandwagon, but now I kind of wish I did so sooner. I love crop tops that fall on the narrowest part of my waist paired with high-waisted bottoms so you show off just the right amount of skin. Summer's gone but here are some instances that  you can bust out your crop tops. {}

2. Whoever thought of making gummy bear popsicles is a genius. {}

3. Back when my office was much closer to the De La Salle University campus, most nights were spent in the area because of all the good places to eat at there. I can't believe I've missed most of those in this list of top food trip places to visit in the Archers' domain. {}

4. I still view my room as a work in progress-- I never seem to cease getting ideas to change things up in the room. That is further fueled by this collection of amazing bedroom makeovers. {}

5. I can't believe I've only just found out about this lipstick finder. {}

6. Cutest collection of animals with their babies. {}


  1. 8065 bagnet is love!

  2. Gummy bears popsicles. So cute. I think my daughters will really love that. Wanna try!

  3. Yes I think kids will love that! x

  4. glad you liked the links! x

  5. I really want to visit the place! A lot of people have been telling me to go already haha


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