Blunt Bob

16 August 2014

Many people have linked a woman's new haircut or hairstyle to an event that has recently happened in her life--and oftentimes that would be linked to her love life. Maybe she's just gone through a breakup or is moving on already, etc. In fact, a famous quote from Coco Chanel goes "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life". Now I'm not going through something major, but I am in need of a change. When I was younger I kept my hair long because it felt like the safest look. As I've gotten older though I realized I no longer have the luxury of spending a good 30 minutes just giving my hair a blow-dry in the morning. I need a hairstyle that I could just shampoo, put a bit of product on, and head out the door. Which is why I'm considering getting a blunt bob. I haven't had the chance to visit my stylist yet, but I will soon when the long weekend comes (It's next week, hooray!). 'Til then, here are my blunt bob inspirations.

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  1. I have the third photo as a hair cut peg also! :)) But I've decided not to cut my hair muna since I'm going curly again. Will visit the stylist this long weekend din! haha.


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