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14 August 2014

1. The only brow chart you should use for reference. An additional tip: outline your brows first with an eyebrow pencil and then fill in with light feathery strokes using a powder for brows and an angled brush. I have tried using eyeshadow for this, but the one that stays on for hours and hours is the brow powder I got from Browhaus.

2. I will always be partial to a masculine watch with a big face, but this Kate Spade watch with a bright pink leather strap is too pretty to pass up... 

3. A tribute to an epitome of glamour, Lauren Bacall. I wish actresses now would evoke glamour the way Bacall and her contemporaries did back then. 

4. It can get pretty noisy in the office sometimes, but luckily i can just plug in my earphones and use Noisli  for more soothing sounds that help me concentrate on getting my work done.

5. Oops, guilty to some of these bad habits on device charging!

6. My arms would soon be more toned thanks to these arm workouts which you only need to dedicate three minutes to.


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