Gallery Wall

20 August 2014

The wall facing my bed is pretty much blank except for a table leaning against it. A mirror could be a viable option but I already have a floor length mirror in the room. Also, I don't need to see myself in every possible angle nor would I like to see my groggy face right away when I sit up in bed in the morning. With a minimal budget and some photos, prints, and little mementos I've amassed through the years I think the best way to spruce up that space is with a gallery wall. 

Different frames gives texture and add depth to a wall.

Rather than store photographs, put them in frames in varying sizes. My mom has framed pictures of my brother and I when we were much younger and though they're incredibly embarrassing, they make for great conversation starters.

Hang photos or prints that you would actually like looking at and are appropriate for the room you're sprucing up. If you're hanging them up in your workspace, choose prints that inspire you rather than have you daydreaming or going to the kitchen to fix yourself a snack. 

Plan out your frame placement. Cut out paper in the size of the frames you'll be installing, stick them with tape that won't mess up your paint or wallpaper, and move them around the bare wall until you arrive at the best arrangement. 

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  1. The last one is nice. It is neat and organized. Go for it.

  2. Yea the last one is really neat, but I'm leaning towards hanging different frames in diff sizes x

  3. I like the third photograph! I've been thinking of doing this in my room but I don't really like things gather dust. I prefer photobooks or photo albums, though I haven't started it yet haha.

  4. Ooh i love the idea of photobooks, too! I'd do this to chronicle travels x

  5. I've been dreaming of having a Gallery Wall for my Townhouse in Cavite. Too bad hindi pa kame pwedeng tumira dun. :(

  6. Hi Neri Ann! :) I hope you get to install a gallery wall once you're allowed to move in! :)


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