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18 August 2014

{Too cool for school's highlighter}

Back in highschool, I fought off shine by putting on layers of powder. Matte was obviously preferred and any sign of sheen was extinguished quickly with a dab of powder or with the use of oil control films which I happily stocked up on. Fast forward to the present though, I have realized that a bit of sheen on certain areas can be quite flattering. The trick is to find a highlighter that's pearly, not too white nor too glittery. You want dewy skin, not pale and sparkly. If you see a highlighter in a store try it out and then walk around. I notice that stores have very flattering lighting so what I do is I test it under natural light and harsh lighting also. If it remains flattering on whatever kind of lighting, I'll buy it. Also, just focus on areas on your face that would naturally catch the light to achieve the impression of dewy skin.

After I put moisturizer on, I put on just a hint of blush for color and dab highlighter on strategic areas. You can opt to use a brush, but I feel I have better control when I dab on the highlighter using my ring finger on these areas:

1. The browbone to make eyes appear bigger and to emphasize your brows. Sometimes I'd also put on the inner corners of my eyes to make them look brighter. 

2. Along the cheekbones for the dewy cheeks look. You can also put right above the cheekbones if you'll be contouring with a bronzer.

3. Down the bridge of your nose for a slimmer effect and to bring attention to your face. 

4. On your cupid's bow to give off the appearance of a fuller lip.

If you're donning a tank top or a strapless top, you can also put on your collar bone. 

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