June Beauty Buys

03 August 2014

Here's the second installment of my favorite monthly beauty buys (You can see the first one from May HERE). For June's favorite beauty buys I have three essentials: lotion, lip color, and blush.

It wasn't until recently that I became hooked on lotion. I used to hate putting it on since it takes a while for my skin to absorb the product. With the Bath & Body Works' Shimmer lotion though, that is not the case. My skin absorbs it fast and I really love the scent. This is perfect if you want serious sheen on your arms and legs. I put this on my collar bone, too.

This was the first cheek product that I ever purchased. I think that was way back in 2004. I loved it though it took a lot of practice to make the blush even on both cheeks. The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain remains one of the favorites of girls in Manila probably because of its staying power. The variant I got has tiny glitters in it so you can opt to skip highlighter on your cheeks. This one is also is more red than the original variant which gives a pink stain. Though I love this on my cheeks, I do not use this on my lips because of the bitter taste.

I bought this lip liner because I got hooked on orange lipsticks. I love a red lip, but I noticed that reddish-orange lip colors look better on me and really brightens up my skin. You can use this alone, but I love pairing it with my tube of MAC Lady Danger

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