Rainy Day Essentials

10 August 2014

We've already been alerted that Rainy Season is officially on for the Philippines yet sometimes the sun decides to peek out to confuse us all. Though I don't normally like dressing for the rainy weather (because I'd prefer lounging in my pajamas at home), here are some things I consider essentials to get me through the rainy day blues. Back then I'd dress myself in blacks and grays which perfectly reflected my hatred for dressing up for rainy days, but now I think it helps to bring a bit of color in.

1. Fashion Hub by Dayan Herenandez White Knitted Top, P1250

2. Zara Asymmetrical Sweater, P1295

4. Something Borrowed Butterfly V Back Top, P595

5. Something Borrowed Printed Varsity Tank, P695

6. Something Borrowed Shredded Boyfriend Top, P729

7. Collective.com Cludette Denim Vest, P699

8. Something Borrowed Tuxedo Tank Top, P695

9. Collective.com Gee Vest, P799

10. Mango Nylon Shopper Bag, 795

11. River Island Satchel, P2895

12. Mango Leather Lining Shopper Bag, P2450

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