Seven Things

26 August 2014

{Pretty white mums with light pink inner petals}

Going to work after a 5-day weekend is tough-- but it gets better when despite the traffic situation you manage to get to work safely and steer clear of annoying drivers; you get to work later than usual and see that in a full parking lot, there remains that one vacant spot that's slightly elevated in an area that's flooded; and when you get to the office you're greeted with chocolate-filled marshmallows. Thank goodness for great mornings.

{Yummy Mini Stop Find: Sour, seedless tamarind candy}

{Revlon's Flirt accentuated with Color Club Silver polish}

{Grateful for the beautiful weather when my brother took his entrance exam in UST}

{Pretty top with intricate woven details I got for cheap at a bazaar}

{OBSESSED with this game}

{notepad wisdom}

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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