Stepping it Up: Decorating with Ladders

29 August 2014

My grandmother's sister-in-law is amazing with interior design. She had no formal education in that field but she has impeccable style. One of my favorite homes of hers is the vacation home in Baguio. The living room had a fireplace and right beside it was a ladder made of hardwood. It can be used to reach high shelves or for replacing light bulbs, but when it does not serve those purposes it leans against the wall and serves as post for blankets you can use while chilling--or maybe keeping warm-- in the living room. La Luz Resort in Laiya also used ladders in their rooms so guests could hang their wet clothes and towels. (You can read my weekend getaway to Laiya HERE). I have a growing collection of shawls and rather than keep them stored in the closet, I'd like to have them displayed in my room to spruce it up. 'Til I find the perfect ladder, here are my inspirations for that:

{While I don't want to hang my books on a ladder, I could hang current magazines there. Rather than stack them up, magazines could be easily seen when hung like this}

{Perfect for hanging towels in the shower}

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  1. Great photos! Love the uses of ladders!


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