The Lucky One

19 August 2014

Sex and the City might have ended in 2004, but to this day I still remember certain pieces of Carrie's wardrobe that I'd still like to incorporate into mine-- clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. It's no secret that I love accessories and for many episodes I've seen (and paid a lot of attention to) Carrie sporting accessories both dainty and bold. I've tried to recreate many of these accessories by raking through the selection at department stores or making my own version. While I've already gotten over having a name necklace, that's not the case for the horseshoe pendant. 

The pendant Carrie was wearing on the show is pretty big, but I am leaning towards something more dainty that I can mix up with other pieces that I already have. 

Available in gold, rose gold, and silver, this tiny horseshoe pendant fits the bill. You can choose the chain length, which is perfect since I like dainty necklaces resting near my collarbone while I mix it up with longer necklaces with bigger pendants. 

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