In Defense of Pearls

13 September 2014

I used to work in an organization that paid close attention to details, maintained protocol, and upheld social graces. One time during an event someone from the office asked me if I was already married. This threw me off and I responded no and immediately asked why. The man-- an expert on protocol, social graces, and power dressing-- responded that pearls are meant to be worn by married women. I avoided wearing pearls for a time because of that remark. But I missed how a pair of pearl studs in enough to make you look elegant. Pearls, as long as you stick with the off-white kind (whether it be fresh or sea water), can effortlessly brighten up your face better than gold, silver or even diamond studs.
{highly covetable Mise en Dior earrings}

I'd like to know-- what's your take on pearls? 

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