July Beauty Buys

05 September 2014

Since the weather has gotten significantly cooler, I wanted to have something that would keep my face moisturized without having to reach for my favorite pot of moisturizer every few hours. I'm switching my lip color to a darker shade of red, but I wanted a lipstick that is a muted red perfect for days when I just want a bit of color on my face. For my favorite beauty buys for July I'm featuring my favorite face mist to date and the most natural red lipstick.

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This product really delivers its promise to keep  your face (and your hair!) moisturized. If you want a dewy look, this is a must-have. I love that it really brightens up my face after I spray this on. In the past my dermatologist suggested I try Avene Thermal Water Spray-- and though it works great with keeping redness at bay, it was very pricey for such a small bottle.

Nu Skin's Moisture mist comes in a HUGE bottle and even though I've spritzed it on so many times a day I've barely finished 1/8 of the bottle. 

{Maybelline Color Sensational Matt 4}

Contrary to other matte lipsticks out there, Maybelline's Matt 4 goes on creamy and sheer. When I was a kid I wanted to get away with wearing red lipstick without people pointing out that I've been through my mom's makeup again-- I would've achieved that with this. One swipe of this on me is enough to complement my natural lip color. I put on two swipes for a more dramatic red lip. 


  1. Great post! Love your picks!


  2. Thank you for sharing about Nu Skin. I didn't know this brand but it looks great. Happy Saturday!

    Jasmine x

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  3. thank you, Mel! x Glad you liked them!

  4. you are most welcome, Jasmine! x

  5. red lipstick will never be wrong.

    Slumber Talk

  6. I agree! thanks for dropping by, Dee! x


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