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22 September 2014

One of my professors suggested in class that we tidy up our closet whenever we needed a break and to gather our thoughts. For me though, I find that cleaning up my office space is strangely very therapeutic. Like many things in my room, the office space is a work in progress. I used to have a lot of things on my desk but that took up so much space and *sometimes* made me tinker with other things. I also switched my work desk for a more rustic one since I started doing calligraphy.

I keep a desk tray from Simple Joys to corral some essentials and accent pieces.

I store pens and pencils in this porcelain find from Gourdos. I'm pretty sure it's meant to serve a different purpose but for now  it's just right for my desk. I got this wooden 'F' ornament from Typo at Cotton On a few years ago and I love that it's perfect for keeping post its and memo pads in place.

I like keeping flowers on my desk. I used to have a plant, but unless you are a new reader on my blog, you probably know by now that I have difficulty keeping a plant alive...

I used to keep a cork board for reminders and other things but since I had to bring that to the office, I now use this Magnet Board from Print Cafe. (Side note: I got that necklace in the corner from one of the best sales Forever 21 had this year. You can check out my Sale Shopping Tips HERE.)

This tassel garland was originally meant for the blank wall against my bed but I already had a shelf installed there, so I just used the garland to spruce up my office space.

Framed print I won from Gerome Soriano a month ago // an old camera my parents bought as newlyweds. Apart from my obsession with pens, I also have an obsession with notebooks.

Books read and waiting to be read // Instax album houses photos taken during the summer


  1. Very cute work space!

  2. that's such a pretty space!


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