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02 September 2014

{Vampy lips for cooler weather}

It rained a lot in the past week but I'm happy that we got to enjoy cooler weather. I finally got around to having my hair cut-- thank goodness, and I'm having an easier time tending to shorter hair. I had a number of succulents that died on me several months ago and it was only a few days ago that I got around to convincing myself to get another plant to take care of. Hopefully this one won't die on me anymore. 

I'm looking forward to a crazy week ahead but I'm glad I got to rest during the weekend. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

{Current snack obsession: Feta cheese + kalamata olives. Best paired with Beef Pastrami!}

{Woke up to my room flooded with pink light one morning}

{Best notepad for those who love to doodle}

{Spiffed up my office pushpins by dipping them in glue then glitter. Sealed in glitters by coating it with glue mixed with water}

{another stab at taking care of a plant}

{took a watercolor class a few months back but it was only last week that I got to tinker with my materials again}


  1. love the color of that lipstick

  2. That feta cheese + Olives looks delicious! I bet it would taste great in a sandwich with some grilled (or perhaps steamed) beef and/or pork or even as a dip! I've once made that combination as a dip with some green onions and tomatoes thrown in for my Grade 12 Cooking Class and served it with warm pita bread and it was soo good! I almost wound up eating the entire plate instead of helping clean up the kitchen with everybody else.

    And that last drawing is just beautiful by the way! But it doesn't look like true watercolour. is it mixed with oil pastel by any chance?

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I really appreciate it! :)

    Tragic Couturist

  3. Love all these goodies!

  4. Thank you, Mel! x Sadly I think Revlon discontinued this already :(

  5. I'm going to try making that sandwich and the dip with pita bread! Thanks for suggesting that, Tiffany!

    It's watercolor but I think I was not able to add much water hahaha!

    Thanks for dropping by, Tiffany! x

  6. I'm loving the pictures, girl. You should work on your watercolor more often! Where did you attend the classes? I'm kind of interested.

  7. thank you, Aiza! x I attended one of the workshops that Valerie Chua offered during the Summer! I think she'll be offering more workshops though. Do check out her facebook page: x

  8. I loved how you put glitters on those pushpins! So girly!!!


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