Seven Things

17 September 2014

{White mums with purple inner petals in a shot glass}

I'm constantly stressing about things no matter how trivial they are. The past week was a testament to that and I love that the conclusion of that week went pretty well. Apart from getting to accomplish A LOT academics-wise, last week marked seven years and four months of love, happiness and everything in between for my boyfriend and I. A Japanese buffet was in order-- the perfect way to end a week that had been hellish to say the least.

{Giant Gummy Burger-- didn't know they made them this big!}

{Mise en Dior - inspired rose quartz earrings}

{Mango Coconut Sans Rival Cake - because I will not say no to anything with coconut in/on it}

{a teacup-- part of my mom's old tea play set as a child-- now serves as a keeper of hair ties}

{Current drink obsession: Mint tea with honey. Very, very close to having this as water replacement}

{Nail color pick of the week: Retro Red}


  1. Love the photos! Hope your day is going well!

  2. Awww thanks Mel! x Hope you're having a great day as well x

  3. Just had to comment because you and your boyfie are so sweet! :)

  4. Congrats for the seven years of partnership! Anyway, do you make your own mint tea? I love the photographs by the way. :)

  5. Thank you Debie! x The mint tea in the photo is store-bought x I'd love to learn how to make my own though!


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