Seven Things

23 September 2014

{bracelet mix}

Last week went pretty well-- except for Friday when it rained non-stop. My family and I are fine but there were a lot of families affected by flooding in other parts of Manila. I'm still amazed that in spite of that Filipinos can still manage to smile and remain optimistic-- thereby reminding me to not be too pessimistic. Despite being caught in a pickle, you will eventually get through it and that there will always be a silver lining-- you just have to make a conscious decision to look for it. Hope you had a great weekend!

{curated bookshelf at Tokyo Cafe in Mall of Asia}

{art deco-inspired necklace from Forever 21}

{tiny yellow mums for my work desk}

{Porkchop my baby puggy}

{lotion from one of my colleagues // the scent is amazing!}

{off-white and blush shades from Color Club-- they're currently on a buy one, take one promo}


  1. Awesome pictures! Love the necklace!


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