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08 September 2014

{Shimmery Desk Decor: A glittery owl with bead accents}

It's funny how days seem to zoom past you once the 'ber' months start. I'm not complaining that we're inching closer and closer to Christmas, but with all the deadlines looming I wish time would slow down a tiny bit. As I've gotten older I've understood what my elders have said in the past about how 24 hours seem insufficient to accomplish everything you need to do in a day. Though sometimes I feel like kicking myself for gobbling up more than I can chew (I'm looking at you graduate school), I'm kind of glad that it has somehow taught me to manage my time better and sneak in a bit of reading when I have free time even though I'm in a noisy place-- something I could not do when I was an undergrad. Have a productive week ahead!

{Punchy Coral: Essie's Tart Deco}

{Bloom Pickings}

{New prints from Gerome Soriano Studio}

{Tiny candle from Alice Blue that floods my room with a soft rose scent}

{White mums for my dresser}

{Cheers to fusions that work: Theo & Philo's Dark Chocolate + Siling Labuyo}


  1. Great post!

  2. Amazing pictures <3 Love your nails color!

    Saskia! xo


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