DIY Muted Coral Lip

15 October 2014

Do you have that lipcolor that you've gotten tired of or maybe you got it as a gift and it's not so appealing on you? I never like chucking out makeup products (which is why cleaning my makeup drawer can be really tough!) especially lipstick so I got two lip colors that I don't use much anymore and blended those two to get a muted coral lip color that I've been looking for FOR AGES.


For my muted lip color DIY I blended Revlon's Smoked Peach and NYX's Femme in a small dish and let that melt together over a flame. Constant stirring is necessary so the colors will blend evenly. 

Put your blended lip color in a small pot (I got mine from Beabi) and set it aside to cool. As it hardens the lipcolor will smoothen to the natural texture of lip color in a tube. I suggest using a lip brush for easier application.


  1. Franken lipsticks. I'm thinking if I can make this a little bit more convenient to apply. naisip ko tunawin yung lipstick tapos I'll pour the contents sa emptied out lip balm container. Once it hardens, I wonder if it will twist up din.

  2. Great idea! I'll have to try it


  3. Pretty color!

  4. Wow! Great idea. Looks identical and awesome on you!


  5. haha i love franken lipsticks! It smoothens after it hardens, this was still a bit wet and I kind of scraped it with a q-tip which is why it's all twisted up-- pang texture lang haha.

  6. Thank you, Candice! You should definitely try it-- a bit messy but worth it x

  7. I love what you did here!! And such perfect colors!

  8. this is a great idea!


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