Graphic Tee Redux

27 October 2014

My college uniform consisted of jeans, flip-flops, and a lot of graphic T-shirts. I incessantly stocked up on graphic T-shirts back in college because walking around a huge campus meant putting comfort way before style. Though the number of graphic shirts in my closet have significantly declined in the years following my college graduation, I can't help but scoop one up especially if it has an interesting print on it. Whenever I do end up wearing a graphic shirt on chill weekends, I make sure I elevate my usual undergrad look with better footwear (bye flip-flops) and a statement necklace or stacks of dainty jewelry. Here are some of my current graphic top picks:

1. Uniqlo Marilyn Monroe Short Sleeve T-shirt, P690

2. Plain & Prints Top Line Shirt, P1,298

3. Uniqlo Lulu Guinness Short Sleeve T-shirt, P690

4. River Island Gray Floral Raglan Sleeve T-shirt, P1,560

5. Sparkle and Fade by Fiji Flower City Muscle Shirt, P750


  1. Pretty items! Have a great Monday!

  2. Great tops!

  3. LOVE! I have such a thing for graphic tees and I love challenging myself to style them so that they look fashionable and not too young or too undergrad. I love pairing them with skirts and blazer. Love your pics, especially that Marilyn Monroe one!

  4. glad you like them, Candice! x

  5. glad you like my picks, Linda! the Marilyn Monroe one is my favorite, too x


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