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19 October 2014

I go extremes with foot wear-- sky-high stilletos and flat ballet slippers/sandals. Lately though I've noticed an abundance of sandals with a modest block heel. I prefer wearing sandals when I do my Christmas shopping but they're not exactly the most comfortable when you've been hopping from one shop to another. I don't know if that's just me but walking for a long time in really flat shoes make my legs and feet hurt. I'm considering getting a pair of these low-heeled sandals that meld comfort and style-- just before I start with Christmas shopping. Here are some of my picks:

2. Spring Fling Lucy Heeled Sandals in Off-White, P999


  1. Beauty Follower20 October, 2014 00:24

    I like the black ones!


  2. Very cute sandals!


  3. im not a fan of low heels.. probably because i need as much height as i can get haha x


  4. My shoes are extremes too. I have flats and sneakers, tapos my heels are 3-inch (at least) stilettos.

    When I wear something in the middle, my feet hurt. The ones you wore in the Denim Top post were super nice looking. I love the anklet type design.

  5. Haha! I feel the same way! I barely stand 5 ft so towering heels are kinda necessary x these low heeled sandals though are great if you're going to be walking around like crazy x

  6. Aww thank, Rae! x in my case my feet hurt more when i'm walking for a long period of time in flats!


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