Living Room Essentials

19 October 2014

I never liked living rooms that are too stiff-- those that seem so perfect rather than give off a lived in feel. Since most visitors spend majority of the time in the living room (dining second!), it's imperative that the living room is homey. A sofa, a coffee table, a console, and other chairs are not enough-- some decorative elements are necessary to make the living room more inviting. I used to frown whenever I'd get scented candles as a gift, but as I've gotten older I've realized how candles can vastly set the mood in a room-- and make it smell amazing. Stacking books is a great way to spruce up the coffee and side tables but make sure to choose books that are heavy on pictures rather than texts since you won't expect visitors to stay in your living room and read a novel. 

Here are a few of my living room essentials: 

1. Amber Lights Laguna Soya Candle in Oakmoss and Amber, roughly P400.

3. Giclee Print, P1173,31

6. Heima MY APT Pillow in distressed leather, P2200

11. Home Style by City, P1125

I'd like to know, what are your living room essentials?

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