Rainy Day Pickings: Jackets

04 October 2014

For four days straight now intense rain would greet us in Manila when we're about to go home from work or from school. It's not the usual pitter-patter; in fact for several days now the intense rain have led to flooding in major roads in the capital. Normally a cardigan would suffice but I think if this kind of weather will persist I should get some jackets that will protect me from the rain and the cold. I often go for jackets that are in a neutral color so I can wear it over anything in my wardrobe. Here are my picks:

1. Tomato Closed Doors Moto Jacket, P1200

2. Zalora Folded Lapel Jacket, P1499

3. Ezra by Zalora Collarless Jacquard and PU Jacket, P1599


  1. Pretty jackets! I love 4. Have a great weekend!


  2. thanks, Mel! Have a great weekend! x


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