Seven Things

07 October 2014

{dainty heart bracelet from my Mom}

Last week, after lamenting about something I felt I didn't do so well in, someone told me "It's fine, sometimes it pays to be never satisfied". I couldn't stop thinking about it. Of course it does not seem so nice when applied to the collection of material things, but it does go well in terms of work or self-improvement. Sometimes when I've fallen into a pattern of being consistently good at something without effort, life throws me into a situation where I'm grounded and reminded to keep learning and to keep improving. It pays to not be too complacent and to continue to challenge yourself. What do you think? Hope everyone had a good weekend!

{sleek silver clips for my readings}

{the best wings + sliders from Buffalo's Wings N' Things. Previously featured HERE}

{Porkchop, my baby, turned a year old last Monday}

{Spinach + Feta Cheese Ravioli from Bistro Ravioli}

{red roses + baby's breath on my dresser}

{Sally Hansen polish in Slick Black}


  1. Great photos! Your dog is too cute!!

  2. How cute! Love the bracelet and the ravioli looks delish! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  3. Oh Porkchop. What a cutie!

  4. the ravioli really is yummy! x thanks for dropping by, Chelsea! x

  5. I love your heart bracelet, it's so pretty! And Porkchop is SO adorable:) X


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