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14 October 2014

{cutest baby pumpkins!}

Halloween is already in full swing! I've never been this excited about Halloween since the last time I went trick-or-treating in a ghost costume. I think what makes this year different is the possibility of having my pug Porkchop in a costume! Suggestions for her Halloween costume are most welcome. Hope you had a great weekend x

{the  most flattering eye palette care of Inglot's Freedom System}

{Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is the cutest pastry store ever. And they have the best Banoffee in a jar!}

{Festive confetti nails c/o Cutex}

{cute bag tag that reminds me to continue working on my blog}

{eucalyptus leaves in lieu of flowers-- I love the fresh scent!}

{bedside scent: Amber Lights Laguna's Scotch Pine which is a perfect complement to the scent from the eucalyptus leaves}


  1. That nail color is perfect, love it!
    Kristin xx

  2. Great pictures! I can't wait to see what you dress Porkchop up as for Halloween!!!

  3. Beauty Follower16 October, 2014 02:22

    CUte nail polish and bakery shop :)

  4. thanks Mel! I'll upload photos haha


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