Caring for Succulents

03 November 2014

My journey of caring for plants has not been the smoothest. My blog is littered with photos of succulents I've cared for in the past and have sadly died on me. I convinced myself to bring home another from a bazaar I attended a few weeks back, but not without speaking with a person well-versed with taking care of succulents. During the course of our conversation about why my past succulents had short plant lives she pointed out what I did wrong that made my succulents die on me. Sure succulents would appear they would thrive even in the harshest environments, but they too need proper care and attention. Here are the things I've learned:

1. Light. Succulents like a lot of bright, but INDIRECT light. I used to put them in an area where they could bask under the sun, but turns out it's better to have them by the window where they get sufficient light and a bit of shade.

2. Water. Using a dropper or a syringe, water just the top part of the soil. Avoid getting the leaves wet. Some people recommend watering succulents twice a week, but you have to make sure that the soil has completely dried out before you water again.

3. Leaves. Check to see if the leaves on the succulent have a yellow tinge on them. Yellowing leaves can mean the plant is getting to much water or sun.

4. Leaning. I used to think I just got weird plants because they wouldn't grow straight-- some of them tended to lean on one side. Apparently that's a sign that the plant needs more light. Plants tend to lean to where the light source is coming from-- giving you a signal that they are literally reaching out for light.

5. Pot. Succulents are usually sold in tiny plastic pots or even glass ones. If these don't have holes in them, you need to transfer your plant to a pot with a hole because that will ensure that water in the soil drains freely and air is available for the roots.

If you have any other tips to share about caring for succulents, feel free to share!

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  1. I love this post and learned a thing or two even though I'm not caring for any plant at the moment. :P I did see a bunch of succulents at the Salcedo Market weeks ago. :P I'll show you photos I took if you want. :)

  2. i love succulents.. its just so tiny and pretty x

  3. i love succulents.. they're so tiny and pretty! great tips btw x

  4. Nice post! I wish I had a green thumb unfortunately that is not the case, thanks for the tips

  5. Game, Atty. Kat! :D I want to go to the Salcedo market! Weekend mornings yun diba?

  6. I don't have a green thumb either and sadly a lot of plants had to suffer 'til I got the hang of taking care of plants!


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