Keeping it Light || Clutch Picks

01 November 2014

I used to detest toting small bags. Clutch bags were out of the question even on the most chill weekends. I have a strong tendency to bring EVERYTHING with me when I go out so huge bags are my best friend. Sadly though, my aging back and shoulders can no longer stand lugging heavy bags. So now I'm slowly easing into getting used to cramming just the essentials in a clutch. There were days when towards the middle of a day out, my clutch is bulging and I can barely close it; but lately I've been getting better at it. So I think it's just about right to add some more clutches into the mix. Here are some of my picks: 

1. Cole Vintage Red Orange Johann Clutch, P699

3. Zara Printed Clutch, P2,595

4. Something Borrowed Envelope Zipper Clutch, P799

5. Something Borrowed Studded Clutch, P599

6. Something Borrowed Bohemian Tassel Clutch, P799

8. River Island Mini Luggage, P1,795


  1. Love the picks! Though I do agree, I tend to bring out too much stuff to regularly use a clutch

    Made in Mauve

  2. glad you like them! x thanks for dropping by! x


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