Seven Things

04 November 2014

{nails, currently: stark white with festive glitter accent}

I love that almost everyone is gearing up for the holidays. Halloween went by so fast and it seems like everyone is raring to switch from Halloween to Christmas decor, stat. Just a day after Halloween I saw a lot of people setting down spooky decor from the facade of their homes and malls were decked with Christmas trimmings already. We've already set-up our Christmas tree, but still in the process of making our home more Christmas-y. The week didn't start out so well because I was feeling under the weather-- thankfully though towards the end of the week there was a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

{tea + vitamins}

{stairway lined with potted poinsettias}

{tinsel-inspired throw pillows}

{salami + cheese sandwich}

{cloud ombre}

{corralling make-up brushes with this vintage-y holder}


  1. love your nails

  2. That's when you know holiday season na. Poinsettia galore! Pag may ganyan na sa steps ng greenbelt, pasko na :D

  3. thanks, Shalay! x thank you for dropping by!

  4. Truth! this was taken in an Ayala mall too haha!


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