Seven Things

11 November 2014

{quick trip to Tagaytay for the weekend}

I spent a huge chunk of my weekend in Tagaytay so this week's installment of Seven Things is largely influenced by that. I tend to remember trips I've taken by the food I've eaten and Bag of Beans is surely burned in my memory and in my belly. I'm sure I'll be taking another trip there real soon because I'm already craving for their strawberry cheesecake which is the best cheesecake EVER. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

{yummy, yummy coffee: Bag of Beans' Caramel Cappucino}

{Ilog Maria's Green Tea and Honey Soap smells AMAZING. I'll be hoarding these soon for the home and to give away as gifts}

{Breakfast for Champs: Bag of Beans' Steak and Gravy Pie and Country Breakfast}

{Sky Eye at Sky RanchTagaytay}

{bust to keep necklaces untangled}

{sparkly, festive nails}


  1. you should wear all those necklaces together!! it looks so good x

  2. I tried wearing two and it looks so nice! It causes a strain on the neck after a while though hahaha!


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