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08 January 2015

2. Ever heard of the 5 Love Languages? Might seem cheesy to some but I found it really helpful. I was was able to coax my boyfriend to take the Love Language Test with me and it actually helped us understand how the other person shows love. Curious? Take the test Love Language test HERE (Click on 'Discover your Love Language').

3. An article that will justify the need for downtime.

4. Infographic on pursuing opportunities. In the past I've made decisions and seized opportunities whose long term benefits seemed vague back then, but looking back I've realized that some of the hastily made decisions were integral to where I am today. I am nowhere near any of the highly successful people in the infographic, but I'd like to think I'm on my way there ;)

5. Cutest video of a kitten who just discovered a chew toy.

6. This Pinata Cake recipe is doing very well in convincing me to learn how to bake. Cake filled with candy too much for you? There's a healthier alternative: A Berry Filled Pinata Cake (!!!)

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  1. Awesome links!



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