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12 January 2015

{Cafe Breton's Poseidon: Smoked salmon, dill sauce, sour cream + capers}

The week following the holidays had gone by so fast. On Monday I felt so sluggish going back to the office... but on hindsight it was nice to get back into the routine. I've been living in pajamas for majority of the holidays so I'm thrilled to have an excuse to wake up early and dress up again. I'm also thrilled that Manila traffic has gone back to its normal state. I can't believe we're nearly mid-way through January and looking back I'm happy I haven't deviated from my 2015 Resolutions *yet*. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! x

{A sweet Christmas gift from a workmate}

{sun came out for Sunset after a gloomy and rainy day}

I gave up on this succulent after the plant broke off when my cat sat on it (!!!). My mom (thankfully) refused to throw it out and after a few weeks we noticed that the plant continued to live and there were smaller plants blooming from the stem. xx

{While all other malls were quick to put away Christmas decor, Rustan's Makati remains festive}

{Honeydew wrapped in prosciutto}

{my little alarm in the morning: my puggy, Porckhop}


  1. Love the pictures! I would have never thought of putting prosciutto on honeydew, now I must try this! Your dog is too cute!

  2. thanks Mel! You should definitely try honeydew or melon with prosciutto! The sweetness of the fruit goes well with the saltiness of prosciutto x It's also very easy to prepare for when you're entertaining at home x

  3. If we're going to have a blogger meet up, I'd vote for Cafe Breton. Can't remember if it's Poseidon or Neptune that I love. Maybe it's Neptune (if it's tuna). :P

  4. I think Neptune! :P game ako sa Cafe Breton for the next blogger date! try mo Atty. Kat yung banoffee na drink! super yummy


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