Vanity Table Inspiration

14 January 2015

As someone who is very interested in beauty products (borderline obsessed, actually), a vanity table is a must. I know some girls who prefer putting on makeup in the bathroom, but unless the bathroom has sufficient natural light, I suggest setting up a makeshift vanity table somewhere else. My bathroom light is pretty harsh and makes me put on more makeup than necessary so I've placed my vanity table beside a bedroom window. I am averse to the idea of buying a dresser or a vanity table if you don't have one yet. My suggestion is to find a table wide enough to accommodate your beauty essentials, and look for a mirror and with an interesting design. Here are photos that will give you an idea as to how to make your own makeshift vanity table: 

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  1. So cute! I want them all


  2. I am borderline obsessed with makeup as well! Like it seriously makes me so happy. I love having a vanity table place. It literally is the best thing and I totally can't put on makeup in the bathroom so I love having my own space to do that. These pictures are gorgeous and makes me want to go out and just buy every vanity table I can find!

  3. Verlyncia Tyson28 January, 2015 04:16

    I am always game for a good Vanity moment. I need a lot of space and because I live with my boyfriend in a very muted space I feel like the vanity gives me a secret hidding space to store my hair and beauty supplies. Not to mention all the little trinkets I like to hide from him, lol.


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